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Hospital Derindere Social Media Management

Hospital Derindere is one of the largest and most equipped private health institutions in the region, which started to serve in 2015 with its patient-oriented service approach and multidisciplinary treatment approach. For Hospital Derindere, our primary goal in about 5.5 months was to keep the social media accounts up-to-date and to highlight the service items. Accordingly, we created content for our social channels, with simple and clean designs, where we can send a message directly to our followers. While talking about content such as service items and useful information that distinguish our hospital from other hospitals, we also wanted to mobilize potential followers by providing information about planned events. We have not neglected to protect our special days and values.

Our visual communication identity has become more remarkable and clear. We have increased our emotional bond with our followers as we show more interest in social events and increase the number of content that we share with people’s emotions. Thus, our rate of interaction increased. By announcing the new roles of doctors, who have proven themselves in other health institutions, in our hospital, we ensured that the clients affiliated with our doctors contact our hospital. We have proved with important health information that brand accounts are not always boring and that these accounts can be followed by individuals. We increased our interactions by 30% compared to the previous period, on approximately 121 social media content, mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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